Earthworm Castings

Earthworm Castings are a safe, all-natural organic fertilizer and soil amendment that will improve both plant and soil vitality. Earthworm castings provide essential plant nutrients, microbes and beneficial bacteria and beneficial nematodes.

For as long as the earthworm has been in existence, they have been one of nature's greatest producers of readily available plant food. Over 100 years ago, Charles Darwin was the first person to observe the action of earthworms and the castings that they produced.

Earthworms eat and digest their body weight every day, they make burrows and tunnels that allow water and nutrients to reach the plant roots. Earthworm castings contain slow-release nutrients that are readily available to the plants. Castings contain the nutrients encased in a mucous membrane that is secreted by the earthworm. These dissolve slowly rather than allowing nutrient leaching. Worm castings are 5 times richer in nitrogen, 7 times richer in phosphates, 11 times richer in potash than the average top soil.

There are several microorganisms found in worm castings which work as repellants for a variety of insects. A key element for insect repellency is associated with the level of chitinase-producing organisms. Chitinase is an enzyme that will dissolve chitin, and the exoskeletons of bugs is made of chitin. Bugs have various means of detecting and determining the levels of chitin in plants and soil. When the level of chitinase is high enough, bugs will leave for another area. Testing of earthworm castings shows a high level of the chitinase-producing organisms.

Earthworm castings can be made into a Tea by soaking a few tablespoons of castings in a gallon of water overnight. The tea can then be diluted and used to water house and garden plants or strained to make a foliar spray.

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