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Some people just have it in their blood. I, Pam Greenewald, am one of those people. I can look at a space and visualize the landscape. James and I have lived in Archer for 10 years and Alachua for the past 23 years. We have homesteaded these two properties with their different needs. Combine that with 16 years in the retail garden center business and many years designing and installing landscapes of all kinds including my own. I have developed "a good eye."

I design according to your needs and wants, not mine. We have set up our home as an "Outdoor Showroom" as much as we did at the former retail location on 441. Only it is even more conducive to your needs as you can see our koi pond, waterfall, large pond, flagstone patio, decks, hot tub, outdoor shower, tiki bar and all of our gardens and landscaping, including irrigation systems, statues, arbors and garden accessories. I can even install a vegetable garden for you. Mine is the highlight of my life!

My specialty is butterfly/cottage gardens including perennials and roses. I have a passion for roses (especially Old Garden Roses). I maintain a commercial rose nursery (as well as aquatics) at my home north of Alachua. We are open to the public by appointment. This way we can give you our undivided attention.

I also specialize in "estate gardening". I can set up a custom schedule to come to your home weekly, monthly, or seasonally to help you maintain your gardens and yard if you do not have the time yourself. As we all know, the mow and blow guys do not have it "in their blood."

I am all organic and will not use any toxic chemicals. I can transition your yard over to organic if it is not. I believe in having something blooming throughout the year. If it is a new place, I like to add plants as they come into season. A landscape "job" can be ongoing throughout the year according to what is happening at the time.

I also give a free estimate for any work desired.

352-359-1133 (cell phone)
386-462-7722 (evenings)
888-656-4289 (toll free)

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