About The Nursery

The nursery is located 2 miles north of the town of Alachua, Florida which is 10 miles north of Gainesville, home of The University of Florida in North Central Florida (zone 9a) See Map. The nursery itself consists of an acre of groundcloth with quarts, 1, 2, and 3 gallon roses propagated organically from cuttings and grown on their own roots. Availability changes daily with each size and variety. Custom rooting is available.

About the Owners:

The owners of Angel Gardens, Inc.are Pam and James Greenewald. Angel Gardens has been in business since 1991. The first 16 years it was a Garden and gift Boutique specializing in Water features, Statuary, Plants, and Victorian gifts including angels and fairies. This was located on 441 just north of Gainesville. The property included a restaurant. After the Greenewalds sold the retail property in Dec.of 2006 to a garden shop called Harmony Gardens (go figure!), they invested in their homeplace of 24 years, installing the rose nursery and gardens.

The nursery and gardens are evidence of Pam’s “slight obsession” with roses. The property is home to an ancient Timucuan Indian campsite featuring a 10,000+ year old natural springfed nature preserve and pond where one is able to experience a private, unique and rare feeling of “Old Florida”. The roses thrive using no chemicals whatsoever for care and 35 years of knowledge of organic methods may be observed throughout the homestead. 
Now the Greenewalds have sold their home of 35 years and have relocated the rose nursery one mile away to 7 acres off of the Old Bellamy Road, the oldest designated highway in the state of Florida. They were also able to purchase a house built in 1859 exactly one mile from the new nursery property on the same Old Bellamy Road. Both places are available for visits and both have their own unique magical feeling. Please call, text or email for an appointment.

Tours and Seminars:

Visits to the nursery are by appointment only. Please try to call a day or two ahead if possible so that we can accommodate you at your convenience.. Please contact us about nursery tours, seminars and speaking engagements.We welcome these opportunities!

Own-Root Roses:

Roses grown on their own root system are hardier and require less care than grafted roses. Old Garden Roses, Earthkind Roses, Dr. Griffith Buck Roses, David Austin’s English roses and many modern shrub roses are rapidly increasing in popularity because of their natural disease- resistance and long life span. They are generally very fragrant, provide an abundance of blooms and come in a large variety of sizes, shapes and colors, which make them adaptable to a variety of landscape situations.

Aquatic Plants:

We maintain an aquatic plant nursery at our property in Alachua. After we have installed your pond, Pam will bring aquatics and marginals to be placed in and around your pond. Our estimates include this service. Plants are an integral part of making the natural pond flow efficiently. You may opt to come to the nursery to choose for yourself or you may plant them yourself. All ways work for us.

For a free estimate call Pam at:

352-359-1133    Pam   
352-359-0857    James


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