Pond Maintenance

When we build a pond for you, we teach you how to use the state-of-the-art equipment we install to keep your waterfeature running smoothly. Each pond is different but they all need some maintenance more or less depending on the size, depth and location. For instance, a pond in the shade will never have algae problems. But if it is under trees that shed their leaves, the skimmer will clog up a lot during the Fall unless a net is placed over the pond during that time.

A pond is a lot easier to maintain than a fountain. The interplay between the plants, the fish, the equipment and the incredible array of pond treatments(i.e. good bacteria and enzymes) on the market today insure that your pond gives you nothing but pleasure year after year. There is no substitute for the sound of running water or the peace that comes from sitting by a still pool. There is a settling period that takes place when a pond is first installed. It is a closed system (unlike nature) and it takes time for good bacteria to become established and the system to get over its initial shock of being new. Patience is key here.

We do not use any harsh chemicals in our ponds. Even UV lights can be high maintenance as the bulbs need replacing every year. There are many "tricks" we can use to get a pond balanced. There are many great products on the market that are used in the initial start-up and then only once a year thereafter.

We offer a pond maintenance service as follows:

Once Per Month Checkup
Includes cleaning skimmer, pump, checking water levels, algae, etc. Usually takes one hour. We will add a treatment if necessary and advise.
$75.00 (plus products).

Three-Month Checkup
Includes same as above.
$75.00 (plus products).

Spring Clean Out
Once a year overall pond maintenance, pond clean out - reintroduce good bacteria, etc. Drain and change water (if necessary).

If you have a pond we did not install, you can call for a free estimate to do some and cleaning, refurbish and redo anything it needs. Just call.
James: 352-359-0857
Pam: 352-359-1133

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