Pre-Ordered Roses

The following are the roses we have available for pre-order. These are 2 year old large roses shipped bare root in January and February. Then we pot up what is left in 3 gallon containers for pick up at the nursery. Most are on Dr. Huey rootstock but many come on their own roots (O/R). Occassionally we will ship this size container later in the season.  These will not be available through our online catalog but instead must be purchased by emailing us. t. 

Imported in 2011

La Roseraie du Desert

Mme. E. Soufrain                     Noisette                Chauvry                      1897
Gribaldo Nicola                       Tea-Noisette          Soupert & Notting       1890
Princesse Etienne de Croy     Tea                         Ketten                         1898
Mme. Julie Lassen                  Noisette                 Nabonnand                 1880

Anna Jung
Isabella Ducrot
Isabella Nabonnand                Tea                        Nabonnand                  1875
Lady Mary Corry                     Tea                        Dickson                        1900
Mrs. Myles Kennedy
Mlle la Comtesse de Leusse   Tea                        Nabonnand                  1878
Mrs. Herbert Hawksworth
Vicomtesse d Avesne               Noisette               Roeser                          1848
Mme. la Comtesse de Caserta
Mme. Emilie Charron               Tea                       Perrier                           1895
Mme. Pierre Cochet                 Noisette               Cochet                           1891

Phillipa Pirette                          Shrub
Duarte de Oliveira                    Noisette               Brassac                         1879
Lady Roberts                           Tea                       Cant                               1902
Oscar Chauvry
Marie Robert                            Polyantha            Moreau-Robert              1850

Roseraie Fabien Ducher

Jean de Luxembourg
Belle de la Carniere
Salmon Wings
Eugene Boulet
Beaute de lʼEurope
Emile Cramon
Souvenir de Lucien Massad
Belle Cuivree
Catherine Soupert
Jacques Latouche
Florence Ducher

Marie Ducher
Souvenir de George Pernet, Cl.
Mme Letuve de Colnet
Mme. Jules Grevy
Souvenir de Docteur OʼDonnell Brown

Ornement des Bosquets
Louise Catherine Breslau
Lyon Rose
Chateau de Clos Vougeot, Cl.
Comte de Torres

Rosenschule - Ruf

Rosa Zwerg

Wild Eagle
Lovely Meidiland
Rouge Meilove

Golden Border
Wild Fox































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